[CentOS] Centos 5 on Large Disks.

Anup Shukla anup at iamcool.net
Tue Oct 23 08:09:44 UTC 2007

Hi All,

Sorry if this has been answered many times.
But i have been going through a lot of pages (via google search).
The more i search, the more its confusing me.

I have a server with 6 (750G each) SATA disks with H/W Raid 5.

I plan to allocate the space as follows

swap 8G
/boot 100M
/ 20G
-- and remaining space to /data{1,2,3,N} (equal sizes)

However after the installation and reboot, i got an error about bad 
partition for /data8

I had hit the 2T limit.

Then i found this page at 

which speaks of using Parted/LVM2 and XFS.

If i understand this correctly,
I need to have 1 disk to host the CentOS installation.
And i can use the other 5 disks in a RAID array
(label type gpt...)

Is it not possible to partition and use the existing RAID 5 volume?

I really am not sure about how to proceed for this big disk problem.

Any ideas/links will really help.

Thank you.


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