[CentOS] Re: FW: Logwatch for XXXXXXX.kd4efm.org (Linux)

Ugo Bellavance ugob at lubik.ca
Fri Oct 26 16:00:50 UTC 2007

Evans F. Mitchell KD4EFM / AFA2TH / WQFK-894 wrote:
> Found an error or two from my logwatch report from yesterday,
> thought I would share this in hopes this is just first time
> run of the problem I noticed in the Kernel report section...
> Also not sure why there's an issue with automount either....
> but I guess I could ask on that issue as well.
> I am not worried about the NAMED error, this is something that
> happens due to one of the services that is installed on the box,
> as it is HAM RADIO related only.
> Any feedback? I will be looking for it... 
> some items will be X'ed for protection reasons.

>  WARNING:  Kernel Errors Present
>     end_request: I/O error, dev fd0, sector ...:  2 Time(s)

You tried to read or write to a floppy and it kind of failed...

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