[CentOS] rsync bug with --relative and --delete fixed in CentOS5?

Christian Volker cvolker at vmware.com
Fri Oct 26 19:49:10 UTC 2007


>> In CentOS5 I have rsync-2.6.9-1.el5.rf
>> Now my question is if this bug is fixed in CentOS5/ RHEL5?

>I am not sure if it is fixed in CentOS-5 or not, but that is not
>relevant since you are NOT using the CentOS-5 rsync.

>rsync-2.6.9-1.el5.rf ... the rf stands for RPMForge .. so, that is the
>RPMForge version of rsync.

>rsync-2.6.8-3.1 <== that is the version of rsync from CentOS-5.

You're right!
I wasn't aware that this is the version from RPMForge. On the source server
there was still the CentOS one 2.6.8 WITH the bug.

So the solution is:

Original rsync-2.6.8-3.1 has still this bug.
DAG rsync-2.6.9-1.el5.rf has fixed this bug.

With the newer version on both sides it now works fine!

Thanks for the hint.

Christian Volker
Technical Support Engineer

Ballincollig, Co. Cork

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