[CentOS] Re: CentOS-5.0-x86_64-bin-DVD-ich9.iso.delta md5 mismatch

Michael Rock mikerocks65 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 26 20:31:00 UTC 2007

Michael Rock napsal(a):
> all-generic-ide irqpoll
> Without irqpoll it just hangs and without
> all-generic-ide it get a kernel panic.  So I still
> need both to recognize the disk and continue

> Michael,
> I have tested 8.1.14 ICH9 x86_64 version and it's
kring fine. For sure
> im right now uploading full DVD isos. I did not want
to :o( due due to
> bandwidth bud I have to now. Once I have 8.1.15
kernels ready I will
> publish updated version. Please send the mobo ID for
me to read about
> the chipset. I do test ICH9 Centos on this mobo MSI
> P35 Neo-FI
> Regards,
> David

I had to get a workstation setup right away for the
P5KC so I just ended up using Fedora Test 8 which
handled it no problem. (so should be good for about a

The P5K-VM I was able to setup as AHCI in bios which
is why I was able to get as far as I did.  But there
was no setting to do the same with the P5KC even
though I had the latest BIOS.

I still need to get the P5K-VM setup and since it is a
server I would still like to use Centos.  Are the new
DVD's ready yet?

-- Mike

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