[CentOS] Wits end! ndis got me - give me sanity with my wireless!!!

Bob Metelsky bobmetelsky at comcast.net
Fri Oct 26 23:33:32 UTC 2007

All - desperate plea for help here.

Overview Centos 4.5   Kernel with source  dell Latitude 810

Im totally at my wits end... Ive tried like mad to get ndiswrapper to 
work for my lynksys  WPC54GS wireless card. No matter what I try ndis 
gives some kind of error on installing the module  after about a dozen 
attempts 8 kernels, and 5 days- I  finally GAVE UP!


So, I install the http://www.linuxant.com/company/  ever$ion (im not 
above paying $20 to save me a few wasted days) this program  dosnt have 
a problem detecting the card, making the lights blink, I cane see the 
access point using iwlist scan, I know precisely what the essid is, as 
well as the encryption key, BUT now.... the stupid thing cant get an ip 
form my dhcp server!!

Please help - some kind of sanity check, Im ready  to jump out the 
window!! ;)

Im up for ANY solution, I can install kernel source.. ndis bla... I just 
need some thing that will work. At this point i have an incredibly low 
opinion of the developers of ndis - that shouldn't not release such 
stuff. Ive followed the dcs to the letter and either the kernal compile 
puked... or ndis chokes on some flyshit in a function.... unreal!

Anyway I  do have this working on the same laptop but I did it about a 
year ago and cnat find the 1.37 version of ndis. At tthis point ndis is 
just too picky



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