[CentOS] forcing device to USB HDD

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Sat Oct 27 17:28:53 UTC 2007

Paul wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-10-27 at 12:27 -0400, Bobby wrote:
>> On Saturday 27 October 2007 12:20:31 Israel Garcia wrote:
>>> Hi, I bought an USB external hdd (500GB) to make my
>>> backups using dump... but, sometimes my sever
>>> recognize the hdd device /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc... my
>>> question is: How can I assign a fixed device for
>>> example /dev/sdc to my hdd? remember I use some
>>> scripts to do my backup and I am getting errors
>>> because the device changes from sdb to sdc and
>> I would imagine by manually mounting it
> Ummm no, that is the problem I imagine, the device changes so it can't
> be mounted in his script.
> I can't think of a solution right off hand.

I suppose you could put a label on the drive (with tune2fs), then mount 
it by LABEL=xxxx...  I dunno what else to suggest.

linux's crappy way of handling disk device names is one of my bigger 
gripes about it.     its really messy in a SAN environment where there's 
several storage controllers.   /dev/sdf could be almost -anything-.    I 
prefer the c1t1d1 notation of traditional Unix systems like Solaris, 
although there still can be issues identifying the channel #s

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