[CentOS] mp3 recorder?

Chris Mauritz chrism at imntv.com
Sun Oct 28 02:23:59 UTC 2007

Paul wrote:
>>> audacity should be able to do it and is available from rpmforge.
>> My original message (above) says Audacity is not visually showing the 
>> audio line levels or wave form when recording, thus I am not convinced it 
>> is capturing anything.
> Which probably is an issue with your sound configuration somehow ...
> I've had issues getting audio in to work with a couple different cards
> because it's sometimes difficult to get the right input selected.  My
> Sound Blaster Live 5.1 has literally a dozen different input sources to
> select from, finding the correct combination was a bit of trial & error.

I agree.  I had similar issues and after some trial and error with my 
sound configuration I got the audio inputs for Audacity to behave as 
expected.  It only took 10 minutes of fiddling on my relatively vanilla 
SP Live card.


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