[CentOS] Postgresql and shell script

Clint Dilks clintd at scms.waikato.ac.nz
Tue Oct 30 11:29:47 UTC 2007

You could set up the User so that no password is required from Localhost 
if that is appropriate

Tronn Wærdahl wrote:
> I have a shell script (sh) where I create a user and import data to a 
> postgres database
> <snip>
> su -c "createuser -A -D -P $PG_user" postgres
> su -c "psql -d$PG_database -h localhost -U$PG_user -W -f 
> postgresql.sql " postgres
> </snip>
> when the script executes those command, it ask for a password, how 
> could I do this without have to enter the passwd, I would like that it 
> reads the password from a variabel, that excists in a separate file, like
> <variable file>
> PG_passwd=secret
> PG_user =username
> PG_database=simple
> </variable file>
> Tronn
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