[CentOS] denyhosts

Wed Oct 3 08:13:36 UTC 2007
Christoph Neuhaus <nihil14 at gmail.com>

>> Since taking care of these things I've had no more trouble and since
>> installing DenyHosts I haven't had to spend anywhere the amount of
>> time making adjustments to my firewall either.
> Thanks. I just cant figure out why denyhosts isnt working. I had also  
> disabled remote root login, but denyhost isnt catching it.

Sorry for asking the obvious - what is the output from:
  - /sbin/service denyhosts status
  - /sbin/chkconfig --list denyhosts

You could also try to reset the configuration by copying  
/usr/share/doc/denyhosts-2.6/denyhosts.cfg-dist to  
/etc/denyhosts/denyhosts.cfg (don't forget to backup your configuration).