[CentOS] Print from remote applications

Tue Oct 9 06:08:23 UTC 2007
Bent Terp <bent at nagstrup.dk>

Setup a printing queue on the application server pointing to a local
port on the application server.

Then use remote forwarding during login, redirecting the fake printing
port on the application server to the real printing queue on the
client side, whether that is a printservice on the client machine or a
network printer.

As usual, TMTOWTDI <http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/T/TMTOWTDI.htmL> applies


On 10/8/07, Patricio A. Bruna <pbruna at it-linux.cl> wrote:
> I have some clients that connect  to an application running on another
> server via ssh.
> They launch xterm and executes ssh to the site and start the application, i
> have a problem trying to redirect the printing to the local printer on the
> client  pc.
> any ideas how can i that?
> thanks
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