[CentOS] How to export X displays

Wed Oct 10 19:23:55 UTC 2007
Jay Leafey <jay.leafey at mindless.com>

Alfred von Campe wrote:
> On Oct 10, 2007, at 10:09, Dag Wieers wrote:
>> There is xrdp and I have packaged it for RPMforge, but I am not sure 
>> if it
>> is completely usable. (ie. I haven't figured out how to use it and
>> therefor I didn't make the proper sysv script etc...)
> On a somewhat related note, what is the best/easiest way to set up a 
> CentOS system to be able to access an existing X desktop remotely (like 
> Remote Desktop on Windows)?  I have used VNC in the past, but I had to 
> create a new VNC session.  I want to be able to access my existing 
> desktop remotely and not a separate VNC desktop.  Can nx do this (I've 
> heard about nx on this mailing list, but have not yet read any 
> documentation)?
> Thanks,
> Alfred

I generally use NX for the desktop, but when I have to share a desktop I 
use the VNC stuff provided by vino.  Vino gives you the ability to 
connect to a running X desktop via VNC.  All of this is integrated into 
CentOS 5 very nicely, just make sure you have installed the vino package 
and set the preferences from the menus as System->Preferences->Remote 
Desktop.  (Note: this is Not Windows Remote Desktop Sharing!)

Once you've got that set up, you can use vncviewer from realvnc 
(packaged as vnc in CentOS 5) to connect remotely.  I usually do not 
open the VNC ports to the outside world but use the -via switch to 
vncviewer to tunnel the connection via SSH.  To connect to the "primary" 
X server on homesystem.sample.com use something like this:

     vncviewer -via homesystem.sample.com locakhost:0

Vncviewer will start up an SSH tunnel for the appropriate port to the 
specified system and connect the viewer to it... quite slick!  It's not 
as responsive as NX over a WAN connection, but on those occasions when I 
forget to log out of the console on my home system it is invaluable.

Hope that helps!
Jay Leafey - Memphis, TN
jay.leafey at mindless.com
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