[CentOS] How to export X displays

Thu Oct 11 06:42:55 UTC 2007
umair shakil <umairshakeel at gmail.com>


Do u have some manners how to talk or how to POST your edit message,

"I really want to say LIAR!" what do u mean by that haan.... suppose
someones web server
is working fine and others not what do u mean "he is suppose to be stupid to
post the question????"

I saw someone facing probelm in X11 forwarding.... U mean to say he is
foolish to post a question... What do u mean by LIAR haan????

If ur stupid kind kind of thing is working, is it possible that others
should have no issue with that???
 I also posted that i have not used X11 forwarding, i didnot face any need
of X11 forwarding
if i use then i will tell, have u read my POST in complete sense?????


Umair Shakil

On 10/10/07, Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net> wrote:
> umair shakil wrote:
> > Salam,
> >
> > Well, i have only used RDP as windows to linux (desktop), there should
> > be no issue...
> I really want to say LIAR!
> > for linux to linux, well x11 forwrding through ssh seems to be issue
> > with that.... not used
> > if i try i will let u know
> No thanks, many of us here have no issues at all doing X forwarding
> through ssh except for the latest reports of strange things with Centos 5.
> >
> > There is also another way if u can try....
> >
> > www.nomachine.com <http://www.nomachine.com> and go to download section.
> >
> > U can find all details here, how to install, it also has client for
> > ubunto. what u will
> > do is to install the server, install the client on ur ubunto, and then
> > use it... it really very amazing i have used this....
> Many here have also used nx.
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