[CentOS] disk partitioning thoughts

Mon Oct 15 13:27:01 UTC 2007
Nicolas Sahlqvist <nicco77 at gmail.com>

On 10/15/07, Jerry Geis <geisj at pagestation.com> wrote:
> In the past I basically used 3 partitions for hard drives.
> partition 1: was all centos (typically 20G)
> partition 2: was swap (typically 2*RAM - 2G)
> partition 3: was everything else I wanted, needed or carded about,
> database files etc...
> Now with really big drives coming along 750G and 1T
> partition 3 is getting big. Except for time to format is there a problem
> with that???
> I'm not really to fond of trying to break up partition 3 but I am just
> wondering if there is a major
> reason why I should not be partitioning my systems this way?
> My systems are really just running my application (that runs on linux).
> It is not a huge email server,
> not a huge apache server. Just running linux with 100% uptime (sweet).
> Again just my application
> running an a stable platform. My application has databases that grow
> big. My database is not MySQL
> it is ISAM based.
> Thanks,
> Jerry


Just an idea, what about using LVM as a partition manager and ext3,
reiserfs, jfs or xfs where you can extend partitions on the fly (no
unmounting so no downtime for DB's etc). Works fine for me with 2 TB
partitions (not needed to go beyond 2TB yet..) on SAN storage.

/ Nicolas