[CentOS] Hosed my software RAID/LVM setup somehow

Wed Oct 17 15:08:31 UTC 2007
Luciano Rocha <strange at nsk.no-ip.org>

On Wed, Oct 17, 2007 at 04:54:55PM +0200, Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> CentOS 5, original kernel (xen and normal) and everything, Linux RAID 1.
> I rebooted one of my machines after doing some changes to RAID/LVM and now 
> the two RAID partitions that I made changes to are "gone". I cannot boot 
> into the system.
> On bootup it tells me that the devices md2 and md3 are busy or mounted and 
> drops me to the repair shell. When I run fs check manually it just tells 
> me the same. mdadm --misc --detail tells me that md2 and md3 are active 
> and fine. I wanted to comment out the md2 and md3 devices in fstab (and 
> hoped then be able to boot) but I get a "read-only" warning when writing 
> to it although mount tells me that / is mounted rw.

mount uses /etc/mtab for displaying current mounts, which is invalid
when starting the boot. Check /proc/mounts for the correct values.

You can switch to rw with:
mount / -o remount,rw

And then you'll be able to change fstab.

> What can I do to boot into the system (the system is on /dev/md1 and seems 
> to be fine) or repair it?

the b option to init/boot boots in emergency mode. In extreme cases,
init=/bin/bash to jump directly to a shell, and then do the remount.

> The history of the changes is as follows.
> Originally I had several software-RAID 1 partitions /boot / /home /home2 
> on /dev/md0 etc. At the time of creation I didn't know I could use LVM on 
> RAID partitions. Yesterday I activated LVM on md2 and md3 as they didn't 
> contain anything valuable and put some data on them. What I did is 
> unmount, then remove from RAID, then initialized LVM, then created the 
> RAID devices again, then created the Volume Groups and Volumes, added 
> mount points etc. All succeeded without errors and was working well 
> thereafter. I worked several hours with data and xen virtual machines on 
> the LVM partitions. The LVM management was done with the LVM manager in 
> Gnome (as I'm not very familiar with LVM), the other stuff was done in a 
> terminal.
> I assume something is wrong with the LVM setup or LVM doesn't start at 
> all. What/how can I check?

Seems to be OK. What is happening is that you're telling the system to
check the filesystems that where in the MDs in fstab. As there's none
(it's lvm now), the boot process complains and drops you to a shell.

As soon as you fix fstab, you should boot ok. The lvm volumes/groups
should be already present, them.

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