[CentOS] CentOS to support ICH9

Mon Oct 22 07:49:04 UTC 2007
David Hrbác( <hrbac.conf at seznam.cz>

Jake Grimmett napsal(a):
> Hi David,
> I'm having problems posting this to the message board, hence sending this 
> email directly to  you:
> ***********snip**************
> Just thought I'd say thanks to David - his image works with the new Dell 
> Optiplex 755's in ATA mode (the normal kernel allows AHCI, but no CD-ROM).
> All I needed to get a fully working system, was to put in the Intel Ethernet 
> drivers for the 82566DM chip it uses.  This was stupidly easy - get the tar 
> ball from Intel, run 'rpmbuild -tb e1000-7.6.9.tar.gz ; then rpm -iv the 
> package. 
> Of course I'm hoping that Redhat 5.1 will include all these patches, but do we 
> know when this is coming out? Would it be too cheeky to ask David Hrbac to 
> roll the Intel e1000 drivers into his next iso delta....?
> ***********snip**************
> many thanks
> Jake

Hi Jake,
thanks. Maybe I could extend those install DVD with some rpms. I vote
for these two for now: