[CentOS] Upgrading PHP + MySQL on CentOS 3

Tue Oct 23 11:03:54 UTC 2007
David Christopher Zentgraf <deceze at gmail.com>

On  23. Oct 2007, at 18:07, Johnny Hughes wrote:

> If you compile it on a machine that has only mysql-5.x and
> mysql-devel-5.x on it, it should then link against the proper files.
> Hopefully you are making RPMS and not doing installs from source.

I was tempted there for a second, but no, I'm using RPMs. ;-)

> I would also try to stay with the CentOS RPMS (in CentOS-4 we have
> php-4.3.9) as you know those will be supported and get security  
> updates
> until 2012 ... BUT php-4 will most likely not last that long from  
> php.net.

The app that we're about to deploy was written for PHP4 (long story)  
and has not been tested on PHP5, so we want to run on 4 until we're  
sure it works well on 5.

> You should (though I have not tried it) be able to compile the  
> php-4.3.9
> SRPMS from CentOS-4 on CentOS-3.  You might also get the mysql  
> SRPMS for
> MySQL from the CentOS-4 CentOSPlus repo and recompile on CentOS-3.

I wonder if that's not more trouble than it's worth? Both PHP and  
MySQL are basically working fine, only the connector libs seem to be  
lagging behind...
Or am I missing something and it's just a symptom of a bigger problem?

> If I was going to do mysql-5 and php-4 on CentOS-3, that is what I  
> would
> do ... though I would most likely do it on CentOS-4 instead and get a
> newer version of apache too.

Wish I could go to CentOS 4, but our host *major expletive*, and  
others in Tokyo ain't any better. :-(


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