[CentOS] Re: ivtv

Tue Oct 23 11:07:25 UTC 2007
Tom G. Christensen <tgc at statsbiblioteket.dk>

Jason Pyeron wrote:
> I have this old memory that the kernels used are a hodge podge of backports
> etc.
> So for a kernel-smp-2.6.9-55.0.9.EL should I use 0.4.10?
> Quoted from http://ivtvdriver.org/index.php/Download:
> The latest stable releases can be found here. Currently this is version
> 0.4.10 for kernels <= 2.6.15, version 0.6.7 for kernel 2.6.16, version 0.7.4
> for kernel 2.6.17, version 0.10.6 for kernels >= 2.6.18 and <= 2.6.21.x and
> version 1.0.3 for kernels >= 2.6.22 and <= 2.6.23. 
0.4.10 works well on CentOS 4. I have 12 hosts with this config each 
with 3 Hauppauge PVR-350 cards. I record both TV and radio.

> Ps, anyone have any sugestion about dkms and ivtv?
Yes, use ivtv kmdls from atrpms instead. Just remember to put an 
includepkgs into the repo file to avoid getting the full atrpms 
experience (it upgrades lots of system stuff).
Something like this will get you started:
$ cat atrpms.repo
name=Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 - i386 - ATrpms
includepkg=ivtv perl-Video-ivtv perl-Video-Frequencies ivtv-kmdl 
yum-plugin-kmdl ivtv-firmware

Start by installing the yum-plugin-kmdl package to make yum properly 
handle installing/removing kmdls matching the kernels installed.