[CentOS] Large scale Postfix/Cyrus email system for 100, 000+ users

Thu Oct 25 03:47:00 UTC 2007
Matt Shields <mattboston at gmail.com>

> Heck, I see lots of circles where they wouldn't trust mysql for an
> enterprise application so it seems clear that you are not talking about
> stability or performance but rather familiarity and the amount of trust
> you have in what you know.
> I would expect openldap to blow the doors off a mysql db but what do I
> know? I deal in circles < 100 user accounts (small businesses).

Wow it's amazing how off topic and how many opinions you get on a
mailing list, when all you wanted to know was how do I specially do
this or that.  That's why I stated what my environment was.

But, since numerous people have stated how mysql is inadequate to do
what we want to do or in general for any task.  We currently use mysql
in a replicated environment with LVS to balance the connections for
our main websites that is all dynamic.  Last time I checked we were
sustaining thousands of visitors per second 24 hours a day, which
equaled about 3-4 thousand queries per second.

So, if it can handle that load and Google trusts it in their
infrastructure, then I'm not gonna replace it.  It does what I need,
it's reliable, it's fast and it has proven that it scales well.

I think the main problem when people say you shouldn't use this
product or that product because it's not good enough is they haven't
set it up properly.  They haven't taken the time to tune the server,
the daemon, and the application.  Let's face it anyone can write a
query to a database (like "select * from table") and if you put enough
load behind it your performance is gonna suck no matter what your app
or database is.  But if you take time to tune your code and your
database and design it so it can scale, you can efficiently use
applications like mysql.

Anyway, back to my original request.  You can use the "transport_maps"
feature to dynamically lookup lmtp transports on a per account basis.
I have figured it out, and for those that are curious I will post when
I've finished documenting everything.