[CentOS] Re: CentOS-5.0-x86_64-bin-DVD-ich9.iso.delta md5 mismatch

Sat Oct 27 17:35:43 UTC 2007
Michael Rock <mikerocks65 at yahoo.com>


> (Hey, are the new foobar packages done, how about
the xwyz packages)

> Thanks,
> JOhnny Hughes

When you snip the rest of my post man that last
request sounds really bad on its own. Sorry guys. I
saw the "uploading the new DVD's" a few days ago and
thought I would ask. I really do not want to put
anyone out and please do not go through any trouble on
my account. I would rather be contributing rather than

Like I said I had already moved to Fedora for the P5KC
and for the P5K-VM I have been trying to duplicate
what Dave is doing.  But I never know if I am doing it
right or what else am I screwing up by rolling only
new kernel rpms. 

Perhaps that is the kind of questions I should be
asking rather than ask if things are ready. Can you
get away with taking new kernels from kernel.org and
making rpms out of them to use with Centos 5.0 without
it effecting anything else or having to upgrade
anything else?

Thanks again. 

btw - like I said in email last week at the start of
this thread you never hear from me but your efforts
maintaining Centos are greatly appreciated.  Since I
have had stable servers and anything I need is usually
already found here without even asking.

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