[CentOS] unable to add IP address to eth0:0 eth0:1 etc

Ray Leventhal centos at swhi.net
Fri Sep 7 15:15:37 UTC 2007

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Ray Leventhal wrote:
>> Sounds like the issue is at hand.  xx.xx.16.xx is the inital /24, base
>> for the unit and default address on eth0
>> The additional, alias addresses are in the xx.xx.106.xx /24.  They
>> gateway on 16.1 and 106.1 respectively.
> Since you are using legacy tools, I'll let someone else who actually
> still uses them work through the issue with you, rather than introduce
> tables and policy rules and iproute2 to you.
Once again, with the help of the kind members of this list, it appears
all is well.

The addition of a route for the 2nd /24 seems to have done the trick. 
Thank you again, all.


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