[CentOS] Performance of CentOS as a NAT gateway

Guy Boisvert boisvert.guy at videotron.ca
Mon Sep 10 18:51:04 UTC 2007

Guy Boisvert wrote:
> On top of that, i'd say that a PC, with whatever processor you could
> put, is able to service a certain amount of interrupts / second.


> Somebody mentioned pfSense.  I use it and there is an option that can
> boost the performance: Using device polling instead of relying on
> interrupts generated by cards.  I dunno if CentOS has this kind of
> option, the ethernet gurus of this list could provide important
> information on that.
> Hope this helped.
> Guy Boisvert, ing.

I don't like replying to myself, but this paper could give you an idea
of what's going on inside Linux:



Guy Boisvert, ing.
IngTegration inc.

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