[CentOS] Unable to POST after suspend

Mark Rosenstand mark at borkware.net
Tue Sep 11 13:53:17 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-09-11 at 13:19 +0000, gjgowey at tmo.blackberry.net wrote:
> I have one idea that may work.  Try seeing if your bios supports a bios upgrade floppy (it would say so in the owners manual).  Now by bios upgrade floppy I don't mean the usual type that use an os.  There are some that the bios will directly read from without an os being used.  The concept is to recover from failed bios upgrades.  The reason I suggest this is because I think the setting that's keeping your system off is hiding in your bios' acpi table and I don't think a bios reset will dump it, but a bios upgrade might.

My motherboard do support such BIOS upgrades (really nice since it's OS
independent) but you need to get to the POST before you can ask it to
search for the floppy.

But it won't power on at all. The CPU FAN doesn't start, the disk
doesn't rotate, the monitor doesn't get any signal. The only thing that
indicates the slightest sign of life is the LED on the motherboard and
my keyboard if I press Num Lock.

Is there something on the motherboard I can disconnect to reset the ACPI

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