[CentOS] Central file server advice please

John Bowden j-alan at btconnect.com
Sat Sep 22 10:15:35 UTC 2007

On Friday 21 September 2007 19:06:16 John R Pierce wrote:
> John Bowden wrote:
> > The mother board has 2 X IDE channels, 2 X IDE channels with raid and 2 X
> > SATA raid channels, that's up to 10 hard drive devices. ...
> Sometimes those IDE channels w/ raid only support 1 drive per channel.
> anyways, putting two devices on one IDE channel w/ raid isn't a very
> good idea, if either device fails in certain modes, it can take out the
> IDE channel.
> Whatever....    I'd configure it all as JBOD, and implement raid-1
> (mirroring) or raid1+0 (stripe/mirror) in Linux.
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I have had two 250 Gb drives on the same channel with raid 0 in windoz when I 
first brought the board. At the time the chip was not recognised in Linux. 
The SATA drives will have software raid and will get backed up to DVD R. i 
don't mind loosing a few tv recordings if the ITE raid set up has a problem.

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