[CentOS] hostname not being picked up by DHCP

Denis denis.becker at mnsu.edu
Thu Sep 27 22:10:02 UTC 2007

Hi - I am using the CentOS v5 desktop  installation and am setting up a 
new lab for our engineering department. Initially I computers got their 
IP addresses and computer names from the DHCP process and the computer 
were getting the info from the dynamic pool. These name would be 
d-23-76.mnsu.edu, where the d stood for dynamic and  23-76 refered the 
IP address of xx.xx.23.76. The computer hostname would show up as 
d-23-76. I did not want the computers to get different IP address so I 
put the computers onto our DHCP table as manual DHCP clients by 
assigning a name and mac address to an IP address.  Now the computers 
get the correct IP address but the hostname is localhost.

How can I get the correct name for hostname from DHCP?

Denis Becker
Information Technology - Engineering
MN State Univ., Mankato
Mankato, MN
ph: 507-389-5617
fx: 507-389-5002

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