[CentOS] Raqport Inc buyer beware

Sat Sep 1 08:13:47 UTC 2007
David Booth <md at goulburn.net.au>

Beware of doing business with Alex Bajan at Raqport.

In January 2007 I ordered and paid over US$2000 for a Tyan GS14 server 
and some installation and migration services. The server proved to be 
faulty. It would not stay up for more than a few hours. I followed all 
of Alex's recommendations, including replacing the RAM, the processor 
and reinstalling the CentOS/Bluequartz operating system but the device 
would spontaneously attempt to reboot at random intervals of less than a 
few hours. My guess is a faulty motherboard component.

I returned the device at my expense but months later I have had no 
satisfaction from Raqport regarding a replacement or refund of the money 
I sent - not even replies to emails or returned calls.

It is a very poor way to treat a customer.
David Booth