[CentOS] grep

Mon Sep 3 21:48:05 UTC 2007
William L. Maltby <CentOS4Bill at triad.rr.com>

On Tue, 2007-08-28 at 10:05 -0400, Scott McClanahan wrote:
> Not a CentOS specific question, although I am running grep on CentOS 4.3
> but how would you grep out a series of lines in a file starting at a
> specific point.  For instance, if I have a file named foo and I want to
> grep out the next 5 lines after the first and only instance of the
> string "bar" how could I pull that off?  Thanks so much.

I know I'm late on this and there have been many fine replies. I prefer
csplit for tasks like this. As always with *IX, many ways to skin the

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