[CentOS] RAID + LVM Addition to CentOS 5 Install

Tue Sep 4 13:44:31 UTC 2007
Nick Webb <webbn at acm.org>

Hi All,

I have what I believe to be a pretty basic LVM & RAID setup on my
CentOS 5 machine:

Raid Partitions:

During the install I created a RAID 1 volume md0 out of sda1,sdb1 for
the boot partition and then added sda2,sdb2 to a separate RAID 1
volume as well (md1).  I then setup md1 as a LVM physical volume for
volume group 'system'.  I left the sda3,sdb3 partitions available for
future use.

Next I created swap, /, /usr, /var, etc. logical volumes in the system
volume group and continued with this install as normal.  Everything
went fine.  I was able to use the system, reboot, etc., without

I then discovered that I needed more space in my /var volume than was
available in the system volume group.  So, I created another RAID
device, /dev/md2 (using sda3,sdb3), and created an LVM physical volume
on top of that.  Finally, I extended the system physical volume to
contain this new physical volume and expanded the size of the /var

This worked fine, but on reboot I get a ton of errors from LVM saying
that volume with id xxxx-xxxx-xxxx... was not found and the system
automatically reboots.  This seems to happen for all volumes, not just
the ones I changed.  This error even happens for a separate volume
group (called 'extended') that is on a separate set of disks and was
existing prior to the CentOS 5 install.

Any idea on some step I missed?  I know things are still fine on the
disks, as when I boot with the CentOS DVD with the 'linux rescue'
option all RAID & LVM volumes are available for use.  So from this it
seems I need to update some CentOS config file?

Here are some config files: