[CentOS] NIS/Samba update

Tue Sep 4 18:58:55 UTC 2007
Scott Ehrlich <scott at MIT.EDU>

My test setup consists of Enterprise 5 server running NIS and Samba, and 
dual-boot XP and CentOS 5 clients.

On my test setup, I'm able to create new samba accounts and change samba 
passwords with no problems.

NIS still gives me problems, though.  I am unable to change passwords no 
matter what.  Also, ypwhich on the client returns localhost.

I have reviewed everything, including configs of other networks that are 
live, and cannot figure out where the problem is.

I believe that once I can password changed effortlessly on the NIS side, I 
can implement this on the live system.  Until NIS account passwords can be 
changed at-will, this setup won't go to production.

So, what might I be missing?   Why can't I change passwords?

Also, what would cause the client, when issued ypcat passwd, to not show 
the newer accounts create by the server, even after a /var/yp make has 
been issued?

Both client and server have been rebooted many times.