[CentOS] xfs 0.4-1 kernel modules CentOS 4/5

Wed Sep 5 15:48:33 UTC 2007
David Thompson <thomas at cs.wisc.edu>

Is anyone else having difficulty with the kmod-xfs-*0.4-1* rpms from the 
centosplus repositories?  For several years I have used a patched anaconda to 
get xfs file systems into the initial install for non-root file systems.  With 
the 0.4-1 rpms, The subsequent reboot immediately reports file system xfs 
errors, and the system is unusable.  I'm finding this with both CentOS 4 and 
CentOS 5.

A rebuild of the old kernel-module-xfs* rpms (the version 0.2-1 rpms) for 
CentOS 4 for the new kernel (55.0.2.EL) works fine.

I've tried both the standard kernel (with rebuilt 0.4-1 rpms), and the 
centosplus kernels for CentOS 4.  I haven't yet tried to rebuild the 0.2-1 xfs 
modules with CentOS 5.

Anyone else have experience with the new xfs modules?

Thanks much.

Dave Thompson