[CentOS] help centos web server ldap vhosts

Thu Sep 6 02:32:41 UTC 2007
Sunet Sysadmin <sysadmin at sunet.com.au>

Hi all,
We have a debain system which is running ldap, apache with vhosts from 
ldap, ldap dns, mysql. so what i am trying to do is migrate the web 
server to a new machines planning to run centos 4 runing services
1) web server
2) mysql

i have done some research on web a found in order to run apache with 
vhosts from ldap the module needed is mod_vhosts_ldap(correct me if 
wrong or aby thing else needed) but having a look at this post


and haven't found any successfull implementation of vhosts_ldap.
Can any one please point me in the right direction if i can implement 
Centos with apache and vhosts from ldap running on a different server.

any help is much appreciated