[CentOS] kmod-drbd-smp (2.6.9-55.0.2.EL) has unknown symbols (kmod-drbd not)

Mon Sep 10 07:39:00 UTC 2007
Akemi Yagi <amyagi at gmail.com>

(Sorry for starting a new thread; I could not find the original
message in my mbox.)

Martin Hamant wrote:
> Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org> écrivait:
>> OK ... For the drbd-kmod*.plus kernels, they are now in the CentOSPlus
>> directory / Repository.  If you are using CentOSPlus kernel, you need
>> to also get your module for DRBD (or XFS) from there too.
>> If you are using the Base Kernel (non-Plus one) then you would get
>> your DRBD Modules (or XFS modules) from extras.
>> This should prevent the exclude requirement to get non-Plus kernel
>> modules.
>> SO ... if you need a module for the base kernel, it is in extras ...
>> if you need a module for the centosplus kernel, it is in centosplus.
> Sounds great.
> The last problem is if "plus" and "extras" repos are both activated: it
> occurs for centosbase/centosplus kernels the same way as for
> kmod-drbd... because last version is determined by the text pattern :(
> The centosplus repo should be activated with care...
> About updating drbd modules, what is the current behavior when you issue
> a "yum update" ? Is the new kmod-drbd is install automatically (like
> kernels are) ? With the precedent package you'll had to install the new
> one manually if you didn't want to get stuck with a new fresh default
> kernel without any drbd support ^^

A centosplus kernel update (2.6.9-55.0.6) came out. Because the kernel
and kmod-drbd were pushed out at the same time, there was no need to
hold the kernel update until kmod-drbd becomes available.  However,
yum update failed .  Turns out kmod-drbd needed to be excluded from
the extras repo. This was because centosplus is given a lower priority
than extras and yum tried to pull kmod-drbd (for the standard kernel)
from the extra repo.

So, the answer to the situation above (which is the case with my test
machine) is that you need to exclude kmod-drbd from extra and that as
far as kernel and kmod-drbd come out together, installation is done
all automatic.