[CentOS] Automatic FTP problem in cron

Wed Sep 12 05:33:17 UTC 2007
umair shakil <umairshakeel at gmail.com>

Dear Concerns,

I have backup script which TAR the data, makes one copy on local hardisk and
then FTP to another machine.
Last few days i m facing problem with it. The cron job only makes the copy
automatically on local disk but
doesnot automatically FTP to another machine.

I ran the script manually, the script runs successfully.

For trouble shooting i displayed the output in some file and shown this

Cron Entry is :
*/5 * * * * /opt/bin/ftp.sh 2> /tmp/error_log

"/opt/bin/ftp.sh: line 3: ftp: command not found"

Please help me out of this problem.


Umair Shakil
Askari Bank Limited
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