[CentOS] New mysql for the CentOSPlus repository includes mysql-cluster

Wed Sep 12 10:22:52 UTC 2007
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

CentOS has been distributing the Enterprise version of MySQL as part of
our CentOS Web Stack that is in the CentOSPlus repository of CentOS-4
for quite a while.


MySQL has recently changed it's policy concerning the distribution of
it's Enterprise Sources (they no longer distribute them as a tarball):


CentOS has also had problems getting Red Hat to distribute their GPL'ed
SRPM to us for the Enterprise MySQL version of their Red Hat Web
Application Stack (due to an agreement between MySQL and Red Hat):


However, as you have come to expect from the CentOS project ... we did
not take these answers to mean that we would not be able to get the
Enterprise Sources for MySQL and distribute enterprise grade RPMS to our

I would like to publicly thank Proven Scaling, LLC
<http://www.provenscaling.com/> (and specifically Jeremy Cole) for
continuing to provide the GPL'ed tarball in question.  Because of their
efforts and because of the organization that they contribute to known as
Dorsal Source <http://www.dorsalsource.org/> we will continue to be be
able to easily provide the CentOS community with updated enterprise RPMS
for MySQL.  I would also like to personally recommend Proven Scaling,
LLC for any and all MySQL related work that you might need to have
accomplished, they are good people :D

That said, the latest version of MySQL that we are building for the
CentOS Web Stack has a package called mysql-cluster.  It was added
upstream in version 5.0.40 of the upstream product and this
(mysql-cluster-5.0.48-1.el4.centos.i386.rpm and
mysql-cluster-5.0.48-1.el4.centos.x86_64.rpm) is it's first appearance
in the CentOS Web Stack.

The mysql-cluster files are produced by adding this switch to the
compile mysql configuration statement:


For information about how you would use mysql-cluster, please see this
mysql documentation:


This new mysql-cluster package is not required for normal mysql
operations, and will be available also for CentOS-5 from the testing
repository soon.

NOTE: for anyone who wants to upgrade their MySQL in CentOS-4, you need
to follow this guide if moving from the standard CentOS-4 (mysql-4.1.x)
to the CentOS webstack (mysql-5.0.x):


Johnny Hughes

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