[CentOS] dual boot w/WinXP

Tue Sep 18 18:42:29 UTC 2007
Ray Leventhal <centos at swhi.net>

Hi folks,

I've been asked advice in an area that I'm not well versed and am hoping
for some help.

Having read a recent thread where booting to anaconda's kickstart wiped
a partition table unexpectedly (to the user...it did what it was
configured to do), I'm following the 'measure twice, cut once' rule and
asking if this is possible and if so, what is best practice:

I have a working WinXP SP2 workstation with an unused partition on the
primary HDD.  I'd like for the unused area to be used for dual booting
CentOS5 but am not sure what needs to be done (if anything) to the
config file for kickstart prior to booting with CD1 in the drive.

Any suggestions or pointers to docs I may have missed are greatly

Best regards,