[CentOS] CentOS5 Network Problems

Thu Sep 20 23:31:18 UTC 2007
semi linux <linuxsemi at gmail.com>

I have a very odd problem connecting to some websites from my CentOS 5 box

Target websites:
(two of my HW vendors)

I can usually get some kind of response, but if the content (download
or page itself) is larger in size (downloads never pass 100K), then it

When I fire-up wireshark, I get a lot of ougoing highlighted Checksum
Errored packets but I don't know what's causing it...  Here's what
I've eliminated thus far:

- Websites are up and responsive
- Cable(s) is fine
- Network drop is fine
- I put myself behind a firewall to make sure it wasn't my network
- Network card has been switched
- Driver has been switched
- Removed any firewall
- wget has problems as well
- Other computers on the same network work fine.

Sites like maps.google.com work just fine...  I'm open to any
suggestion at this point.

I'm completely lost.

- G.