[CentOS] Error trying to install Ktorrent

Sat Sep 22 19:12:14 UTC 2007
Dago Pacheco <informatica at makimet.cl>

Hi... I was trying to install Ktorrent in my centos 4 x64 (i use kde) 
and when I typed './configure' i get this error message:

checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 3.3 and < 4.0) (library 
qt-mt) not found. Please check your installation!
For more details about this problem, look at the end of config.log.
Make sure that you have compiled Qt with thread support!

How can i solve it?... i'm kinda newbie in linux.  Tnaks averybody

Dago Pacheco
Encargado de Informática
Maestranza Makimet Ltda.