[CentOS] install freezes at partition layout

Sat Sep 22 21:22:39 UTC 2007
Barry Schiffman <schiffo2000 at yahoo.com>

I'm trying to install centos 5 on an old machine, a
Micron with a pentium III and 250 megs of ram. I'm
using the DVD image. 

The media check said the DVD was OK.

Everything starts fine (both in graphics and text
modes),  untl I get to the custom partition table. The
new system will go on hda, with the boot and root
partition reformatted (see below). I laid it out to
preserve the data on /home and another two partitions
with a lot of data on each.  One of these is mounted
as /proj but Anaconda shows it as a giant swap

After I'm done with the formatting and mount points, I
say OK, and then nothing happens. I left it run for
over an hour, and then bailed out. Before rebooting, I
looked at the console messages. There were a couple of
warnings but no indications of anything fatal. Just
nothing for over an hour.

I'm downloading a new image (actually the CDs) just in
case the media's bad.

I also suspect the partition layout may be a problem.
It was done long ago on the first hard drive:

/boot 100 megs
/     10 gigs
/home 10 gigs
extended ...
/proj 25 gigs
/opt  10 gigs
swap 500 megs

Once the CDs are in, I'll try again. If it fails, I'll
do a new partition table on the first hard drive -- I
have everything backed up. 

If anyone has a better idea, or if I'm way off base,
let me know.

hda -> ST360021A, ATA 60 gig Seagate
hdb -> Maxtor 6Y160L0, ATA 150 gig



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