[CentOS] pam_ldap + nscd

Sun Sep 30 07:44:26 UTC 2007
Felix Schwarz <Felix.Schwarz at web.de>


I'd like to use nscd for passwd+group caching. pam_ldap is configured and works 
(e.g. 'id foo' returns the correct user id if foo is present in ldap).

If I start nscd manually (not started by default), 'id foo' returns 'No such 
user'. As soon as I stop nscd, 'id foo' starts working again. I suspect nscd is 
only looking at /etc/passwd because 'id root' always works (root is present in 

This is on a CentOS 5 system. Disabling SELinux did not help.

I did not attach any config files purposefully because I don't know where to 
look for the problem and attaching nsswitch.conf, ldap.conf etc. would result in 
a huge post. Nevertheless, I will consider any information needed to diagnose 
the problem although I suspect that this a very simple configuration problem.

Thank you very much :-)