[CentOS] shrink LV with ext3 filesystem

Tue Sep 4 18:18:18 UTC 2007
Thomas Antony <thomas at antony.eu>

>>  Is it possible that i log into the server with ssh and umount only /var and 
>>  then resize the logical volume?
> Yes, but you'll have to stop a lot of daemons and other processes that
> run with files opened in /var.
> You can find the processes accessing /var with lsof or fuser:
> # fuser -mv /var
> # lsof /var

I stopped all services except sshd and fuser and lsof doesn't show me 
any files, but i still can't unmount /var :-(

# umount /var
umount: /var: device is busy
umount: /var: device is busy

Ayn ideas?