[CentOS] recompiling httpd

Tue Sep 4 19:51:52 UTC 2007
Akemi Yagi <amyagi at gmail.com>

On 9/4/07, Matthias Leopold <matthias at aic.at> wrote:

> removing all i386|i686 rpms (including hp management software...)
> doesn't make a difference, for better debugging i'll post the last few
> lines before the build stops (german locale error messages are irrelevant)
> + install -m 644 /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/centos_index.html
> /var/tmp/httpd-root/var/www/error/noindex.html
> + find /var/tmp/httpd-root/var/www/manual '(' -name '*.xml' -o -name
> '*.xml.*' -o -name '*.ent' -o -name '*.xsl' -o -name '*.dtd' ')' -print0
> + xargs -0 rm -f
> + set +x
> + rmdir /var/tmp/httpd-root/usr/etc/httpd/logs
> + mkdir -p /var/tmp/httpd-root/usr/var/log/httpd
> + ln -s ../../usr/var/log/httpd /var/tmp/httpd-root/etc/httpd/logs
> ln: Erzeugen der symbolischen Verknüpfung
> „/var/tmp/httpd-root/etc/httpd/logs" zu „../../usr/var/log/httpd": Datei
> oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
> Fehler: Fehler-Status beim Beenden von /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.98951 (%install)

The only difference I find between your log and mine of this
particular part is that I am building in my own directory.  You are
probably doing this as root as judged from the
/usr/src/redhat/SOURCES directory.  Although that should not cause the
error you are getting, it is dangerous to do building as root (general