[CentOS] shrink LV with ext3 filesystem

Tue Sep 4 21:55:21 UTC 2007
Thomas Antony <thomas at antony.eu>

>>  # umount /var
>>  umount: /var: device is busy
>>  umount: /var: device is busy
>>  Ayn ideas?
> Are you using chrooted BIND?
> Do a cat /proc/mounts, search for var, and unmount anything in use.

# cat /proc/mounts | grep var
/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol02 /var ext3 rw,data=ordered 0 0

I can't unmount var.
I think it is like Ross already wrote, that /var can't be unmounted in 
multi-user mode.
It would be nice if someone could explain why /var is unmountable, even 
when "fuser -mv /var" and "/lsof /var" doesn't return any files.