[CentOS] Re: rootpw and graphical mode?

Wed Sep 5 17:04:59 UTC 2007
semi linux <linuxsemi at gmail.com>

On 9/5/07, Johnn Tan <linuxweb at gmail.com> wrote:
> semi linux wrote:
> > Sorry, should have specified - I'm using kickstart to load my machine(s).
> >
> > On 9/4/07, semi linux <linuxsemi at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> Is there some kind of caveat to using the rootpw --iscrypted directive
> >> and then specifying a graphical install?
> I'm able to do this with no prompts.
> >> I always seem to get the prompt coming up...
> >> If I remove the graphical and do a text install, it works fine and if
> >> I remove the --iscrypted  and put a plain-text password in there, it
> >> works as well.
> What do you mean "remove the graphical" -- as far as I can
> tell, it's graphical by default. The absence of the word
> "text" means it'll do a graphical install.
> When you get a prompt, what is it asking for? Do you have a
> line for "auth" or "authconfig"? (In general, make sure you
> have all the required directives like "lang", "keyboard", etc.)
> johnn

"remove the graphical" means switch it back to "text".

Here is the relevant section of the kickstart: (does prompt for pw):

lang en_US
keyboard us
timezone America/Los_Angeles --utc
rootpw textpw
# rootpw --iscrypted ***********************
logging --level=debug
# text
autostep --autoscreenshot
driverdisk --type=ext2 --source=http://****/3w9650SE-x86_64-
url --url http://*****/CentOS5
bootloader --location=mbr --append="crashkernel=256M at 16M"
clearpart --all --initlabel
part swap --recommended --ondisk=sda
part /boot --fstype "ext3" --ondisk=sda --size 200
part / --fstype "ext3" --ondisk=sda --size 100000
auth  --useshadow  --enablemd5
network --bootproto=dhcp --device=eth0 --hostname=temp --onboot=yes --noipv6
firewall --disabled
selinux --disabled
xconfig --defaultdesktop=gnome --startxonboot --resolution=1024x768 --depth=32

If I uncomment these lines and re-comment their counterparts, then is prompts.
- The prompt is the default password prompt.
- The auth line is in there.
- I don't necessarily need graphical but it's a whole lot nicer due to
the screenshots provided

Any other hints or suggestions?