[CentOS] vsftp and nonpriv_user option question

Fri Sep 7 14:08:32 UTC 2007
Blackburn, Marvin <mblackburn at glenraven.com>

So what is the advantage of using nopriv_user=ftpsecure ?


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Dear Blackburn,

There are 0 to 1024 ports that are privileged ports and those ports will on
be run by


Umair Shakil

On 9/7/07, Blackburn, Marvin <mblackburn at glenraven.com> wrote: 

thhis didnt go through completely the first time.
I am a bit confused as to how this works.  
I created a local unpriveleged user (with /bin/nologin shell).
i uncommented the line containing 
and restarted vsftp.
I am confused as to what is supposed to happen.
Shuld the daemon /usr/sbin/vsftpd be run as root or should it be ftpsecure?
Or is the account only used to login to transfer files?
Any help would be appreciated.

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