[CentOS] LVM problem

Fri Sep 7 15:40:12 UTC 2007
Alain Spineux <aspineux at gmail.com>

In /etc/lvm/lvm.conf you can tell LVM to ignore some drive when looking for VG.
I you hide hdb, you will be able to rename hda2. But his is a very
hard work with
some trap if you never did it before (update grub, inittab, initrd .....)

The shortest way for you is to boot on the CD whit only the bad HD and try to
recover your data and copy them trough the network.


On 9/7/07, Kuang-Chun Cheng <kcc1967 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have CentOS 5.0 which use an old hard disk.   And recently I found
> there are some bad sector on it ... I try to backup my data to other
> CentOS 5.0 box ....
> What I did is.  I remove the old HD (with bad sector) and install it as
> a slave IDE on a working CentOS 5.0 ... I try to mount the old HD as
> /mnt/oldDisk but since it's a LVM, the "mount -t ext3" doesn't work.
> I'm new to LVM ... could someone help me on this.
> Also, there is a problem I found.   Both HD have the
> same VG called /dev/VolGroup00 ...
> server:[root]/dev> pvscan
>   PV /dev/hdb2   VG VolGroup00   lvm2 [76.22 GB / 0    free]
>   PV /dev/hda2   VG VolGroup00   lvm2 [76.22 GB / 0    free]
>   Total: 2 [152.44 GB] / in use: 2 [152.44 GB] / in no VG: 0 [0   ]
> where the /dev/hdb2 is the old one with bad sector ... and it's unmounted.
> The /dev/hda2 is the root filesystem of the working CentOS 5.0
> Regards
> KC
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