[CentOS] Help with External USB drive on RH/Centos 5

Fri Sep 7 20:01:31 UTC 2007
Simon Jolle "sjolle" <urandomdev at gmail.com>

Scott Ehrlich wrote:
> Another issue to tackle - I have an external 1 TB drive (2 500GB on a
>  RAID). When I plug it into the server, it sees, via
> /var/log/messages, that a USB device was plugged in, but that's it.
> fdisk -l doesn't see it.  dmesg doesn't do much, either.   It is a
> Western Digital My Book II device.

I don't own this external hard disk, but did a Google Query for you.

I quote from "Bits and Pieces: Western Digital "MyBook Pro Edition II" 1 
TB & linux" [0]

> The cube has a built in, configurable RAID controller and is built
> for MACs (but runs on Windows, too). So don't start crying if it's
> not yet necessary. First I grabbed one of the seldom Windows boxes
> from my office (no Windows at home, but not dark at all) and
> installed the magic RAID controller utility shipped with the drive.
> One time "reconfiguring" it to "NTFS / RAID1" made it and the device
> showed up with 500G after pluggin it to the linux box. A second
> reconfiguration (on Windows) to "NTFS / RAID0" and it showed the up
> in its full majesty:

[0] http://linu.gs/misc/remember/wd-mybook-1TB-on-linux.php