[CentOS] Re: Language interfaces and X.Org sessions per user

Sun Sep 9 14:09:18 UTC 2007
Ioannis Vranos <ivranos at freemail.gr>

OS: CentOS 5.0 x86.

Ioannis Vranos wrote:
> Q1: Is it possible different users to have different language interfaces 
> (menus etc) on the same machine under X.Org (GNOME or KDE)?
> Q2: Is it possible to have more than one X.Org sessions running on the 
> same machine, so as different users to log in at the same time, and 
> switch between users X.Org sessions (one using GNOME, other using XFCE) 
> by using the usual Ctrl-Alt-Fx keys?
> Thanks in advance.