[CentOS] Re: KDE-Repos

Mon Sep 10 15:57:03 UTC 2007
Timothy Kesten <centos-lst at gmx.de>

Am Montag, 10. September 2007 17:10 schrieb Lamar Owen:
> This repository works fine.  But, be aware that it replaces large portions
> of your system, including system libraries.  It doesn't touch the kernel,
> which is one reason I use it on several desktops.  It gives you a much
> updated userland with the stable kernel base.  But, if you across a bug in
> one of the libraries KDE-Rehat replaces, you will hten need to take it up
> with the KDE-Redhat maintainer and not file it as a bug report in CentOS.

Thank you for your explainations.
I will consider this.