[CentOS] Very strange problem i have faced in my 2 years carrier

Wed Sep 12 08:24:57 UTC 2007
Andy Green <andy at warmcat.com>

Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> the spelling of root was changed from "root" to "R00t". i changed to
> "root" and every thing worked.
> I want to ask, what is this, this doesnot seem a garbage value or nor
> corruption of passwd file. only showing someone changes this. Here we
> have bank private network, only two people have access  for it  me and 
> another guy.
> what are your opinions??????

I have seen vi do this action when it didn't understand a keycode on teh
terminal you are using properly... change the case of a few letters next
to the cursor.  But IIRC that was busybox vi.

Is it crazy to propose someone opened /etc/passwd in vi, and saved it
out without noticing this had happened?