[CentOS] Document Scanning and Storage

Wed Sep 12 23:51:25 UTC 2007
Ross S. W. Walker <rwalker at medallion.com>

1) Lease a good copier/scanner that handles large scanning capacity and can scan
to PDF.

2) Get a good batch OCR program that will take an image-based PDF and create a
PDF text overlay (so the PDF can be full-text indexed).

3) Buy a good document management program, preferably one that can do drag-n-drop
document sorting/indexing.

You can get all 3 from Ricoh, they have a very good copier/scanner with a
proprietary but easy-to-use document management system (based on FreeBSD) that
is completely web based and completely integrates with the copier/scanner. A
good product for a SMB.


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> I'd like to start scanning our boxed up documents. I'd say about 30,000 files total.
> Mostly to eliminate the boxes of paper we have. 
> I'd like to scan them, store them, Have some sort of index, and be able to retrieve them on multiple machines. I think PDF would be the desired format.
> I'd like be able to set some permissions as well. (not a deal breaker> ...> )
> I've searched Sourceforge, and have seen knowledgetree, myDMS, contineo, etc, but really would like to hear from someone that is using something similar.
> Of course, I use Centos, so> ...> ..
> Thanks,
> Dennis
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