[CentOS] Very strange problem i have faced in my 2 years carrier

Thu Sep 13 01:16:59 UTC 2007
Bill Campbell <centos at celestial.com>

On Thu, Sep 13, 2007, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>Bill Campbell wrote:
>>Unfortunately that isn't much use if you're running the default
>>system with prelink as it changes large numbers of executables
>>rendering the RPM verify close to useless.
>unless you are using a very old version of rpm, prelink is not a problem

There are still a metric tonne of S.5... lines when doing ``rpm -V''

I just ran a script now that checks all packages on a fresh
install of Centos 5, x86_64 with all updates applied.  This
should be pretty clean on a new install, but ``wc'' on the output
returns ``45031  100197 2608718''.  Over 45,000 lines of output
is a bit much on a new system.

Running ``fgrep S.5 filename | grep '/usr/bin/' | wc'' returns
446 files that fail verification in just the /usr/bin directory.

This is on a system without prelink, and hasn't been up long
enough for cron to have run it in any case.  My guess is that it
has something to do with the way CentOS handles 64 bit packaging.
It appears that it's installing i386 and x86_64 versions of
packages.  ``rpm -qa | sort | uniq -c'' shows 337 packages with
the duplicate names.

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